"Russia was prevented from doing what is necessary to solve Kosovo's problem"

The Russian ambassador to Serbia stated that the meeting between Vucic and Lavrov in New York was very significant

Source: Tanjug, Kosovo online

When it comes to Kosovo, Ambassador Alexander Botsan Kharchenko says that to date, the former Serbian leadership hasn't made a real political effort to resolve the Kosovo issue, and that what has been done was absolutely not enough.

"Russia was prevented from doing what is necessary to solve the problem of Kosovo, but it was looking for the right way to solve it," Botsan Kharchenko said, warning that the talks being held in Kosovo today are not talks in the true sense of the word.

"Serbia is given a choice, you have alternatives, one is a compromising solution, and the other is, if there is no compromise, independence", Botsan-Kharchenko concluded, warning that this is not the kind of discussion that should be conducted.

Referring to the term increasingly referred to as the "soft power of Russia in the Balkans", Botsan Kharchenko explained that solving international problems could not work overnight, and that such an approach required a difficult long-term effort, but that the result was long-lasting and huge, and that in this way two countries and two nations can become closer.

"I had the opportunity to follow the developments in this region, and make a conclusion based on what I see. I noticed that the countries of the region are safer and you can see that people feel safer," Botsan Kharchenko explained and emphasized that Russia is better aware of this because it has gone through the same problems, Tanjug and Kosovo online reported.


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