Information about B92

Company profile


B92 a.d, Belgrade was founded in 1989 as a youth radio broadcasting to Belgrade audiences and has since grown into a company which includes a national radio and television network and a website. B92s core activities comprise its three media outlets:

  • nationwide TV station, launched in September 2000,
  • nationwide radio station, and
  • internet information and entertainment portal.

After twelve years in the market, B92 Television is still one of the fastest growing TV outlets in the country. Today it ranks as third most popular private station among its target audience (urban, 18-49).

B92s headquarter building


Since 2011, radio B92 is having steady and constant rise in number of listeners who tune into our program on weekly basis. With over 1 million listeners each week in consecutive 3 months this year, and over 900.000 listeners almost each week, radio B92 is solid number 2 radio station in Serbia (in terms of weekly reach), with more then 400.000 listeners ahead of the number 3 radio Index.

B92s internet site page

B92 has been one of the leading Serbian internet site since 1996. At present the average number of page views per day is almost 3 million, while the daily average number of visitors (unique visitors) peaks at more then 340 thousand. (Source: Google Analytics). This data refers only to, and it does not count page views and visits on B92 Mobile apps.

The B92 organization and its members have won a number of prestigious international awards for journalistic courage and advocacy of human rights.