Address of Vučić and Ursula von der Leyen: We had very good talks VIDEO

Aleksandar Vučić met with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and after the meeting, they addressed the media.

Source: Tanjug

Vucic first thanked Ursula von der Leyen for the visit and said that "we have had very good talks so far, and we will continue talking throughout the day".

He referred to the fact that the EU is Serbia's biggest partner, and that Serbia is one of the biggest exporters in the EU.

"We heard encouraging words of President Von der Leyen today," announced Vučić.

Vučić reiterated that Serbia knows what it cannot accept according to the Constitution, and he reminded the leaders in Brussels of this, as well as President von der Leyen today.

"As I said in Brussels, Serbia knows its obligations, it will fulfill its obligations," said Vučić.

He especially thanked Ursula von der Leyen for coming and helping them, and for visiting the south of our country.

Then Ursula von der Leyen spoke, emphasizing that the EU wants to count on Serbia as an equal partner.

The normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo is necessary, she said, and emphasized that "it is important that the perpetrators of the incident of September 24 must be held accountable."

She said that the only way forward towards the plan for growth is the EU mediated dialogue.

For 11 years, Pristina has not established CSM


When asked by a journalist about the recognition of Kosovo, Ursula von der Leyen mentioned that it goes with the observance of the Ohrid Agreement, to which Vučić added and repeated that we know what our obligations are as a state.

"For 11 years, Pristina has not established the CSM, and we had all the documents and papers, and none of them were implemented," he said.

He noted that he could not talk about the details because it was agreed at the Big Five meeting that the details would not be mentioned, but he said that the document is a good basis for further dialogues.

"I'm afraid we won't see the Community of Serbian Municipalities soon," said Vučić.

Enlargement is the most important thing

When asked whether it is realistic for the countries of the Western Balkans to join the EU by 2030, Ursula von der Leyen noted that the accession process is based on merit.

The war in Ukraine has led to great changes and turbulence, she said. But the EU still believes that enlargement is the most important thing that both the community and the candidate countries must be ready for.

Vučić added that non-compliance with European foreign policy is one of the problems, especially the relationship with Pristina and the non-imposition of sanctions against Russia.

He also mentioned that they talked about media laws, and he got a response from Ursula von der Leyen that this was a positive change.

In the end, he repeated that he is grateful to Ursula von der Leyen for the positive messages she sent to our people today and that she is always willing to show respect to everyone, and that she is always welcome in Serbia.


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