New attacks on Serbs: Three bombs dropped on Kosovo

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petković, stated that three bombs were thrown at the houses of representatives and leaders of Serb List.

Source: B92
Foto: Kancelarija za KiM
Foto: Kancelarija za KiM

According to Petković, the goal is to intimidate them and force them to leave their hearths, for the sake of ethnic cleansing of Serbs, which Kurti is continuously carrying out.

First, around 2:30 a.m., a bomb was thrown into the yard of Srđan Ristić in Ranilug, the director of the "Pčelica Maja" Preschool, causing great material damage, but fortunately, the family members are fine.

Foto: Kancelarija za KiM
Foto: Kancelarija za KiM

At the same time, a bomb was thrown at the family house and garage of Vladica Aritonović in the village of Glogovce, who is the deputy mayor of the municipality of Ranilug. Here, too, great material damage was caused, and no one was injured in the attack.

During the night, an explosive device was also thrown at the house of Zoran Ristic from Ranilug, director of the Center for Social Work, but there was no explosion.

According to Petković, it is a matter of brutal intimidation of the representatives of the Serb List, only a few days after Albin Kurti's threat that the Serbs and the Serbian List will "suffer and pay".

Foto: Kancelarija za KiM
Foto: Kancelarija za KiM

"Kurti began to realize his plan by first arresting three Serbs, and now we see that bombs have been thrown at three Serb houses. We expect these menacing attacks on representatives of the Serb List to be taken seriously and investigated, because they send a clear message and threaten the Serbs to leave their centuries-old hearths," said Petković.

He adds that the Office will also inform international representatives about these synchronized and planned attacks, because such acts with signs of terrorism must not be taken lightly.


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