Trifunovic: We will not decide on boycotting elections to fulfill someone's phantasy

President of the Movement of free citizens (PSG) Sergej Trifunovic stated that PSG hadn't yet made final decision on boycotting forthcoming elections

Source: Beta

Trifunovic also told NIN that he never thought of bringing the decision by the imposed deadline, set for September 15th.

"Nor will it (the decision) be made because someone has imagined that it should be made, without any prior agreement. Especially, we will not make it if someone starts to put pressure on us", Trifunovic said in an interview with NIN.

He stated that the decision depends on a series of factors such as the outcome of the talks between opposition leaders and government representatives at the Faculty of Political Science and whether something will change substantially in view of the election conditions.

"If that does not happen in due course, then this most expensive Serbian word 'boycott' is a very likely solution. However, a boycott should not be a goal, but a means", Trifunovic said.

Commenting on the fact that certain moves by the PSG are interpreted as "preparation for participating in the elections", Trifunovic stated that the only way in which these moves could be interpreted is in view of respecting and implementing the Agreement with the people, which is, according to his opinion, "quite controversial and vague in too many points".

"It is a rather flawed and unfinished document, full of gaps, but we signed it as an act of goodwill and we will fully respect it", Trifunovic said.


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