Pompeo: Serbia and Kosovo to avoid provocations that hinder the normalisation process

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, during the meeting with the President of Serbia, encouraged Serbia to focus on its strategic goal, EU membership.

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug/Služba za saradnju s medijima Predsednika Srbije
Tanjug/Služba za saradnju s medijima Predsednika Srbije

As it is said in State Department’s statement, Pompeo said that Serbia needs to focus on renewing the dialogue with Prishtina. Pompeo and Vučić talked about their shared vision of stable, safe and prosperous western Balkans, as well as continued support to Serbia on its way towards EU.

„Secretary of State, Pompeo, encouraged Serbia to focus on achieving that strategic goal by speeding up reforms, as well as renewing the negotiations with Kosovo about reaching a comprehensive agreement on normalization of relations, which leads to mutual recognition’’, it is said in the State Department’s statement.

Pompeo remised that both sides need to avoid provocations that are interfering with the process of normalization and need to engage in spirit of compromise and flexibility, which are necessary for achieving the deal and for using the potentials of both countries.

Pompeo also highlighted the good relationship between USA and Serbia.


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