New powerful earthquake: Reports are expected

A new 5.1 magnitude earthquake per Richter has hit the wider Durres area of Albania. Kosovo Media: Hospital damaged

Source: B92, Tanjug,

It is one of the strongest earthquakes in the region after yesterday's devastating earthquake that claimed 40 lives.

The epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of two kilometers, and it was recorded 25 kilometers from Durres, or 48 kilometers from the Albanian capital, Tirana. No official information are available so far.

Pristina's Koha Ditore reported that the hospital from which the panic-stricken patients flew outside was damaged, but doctors reportedly remained in the hospital. Police arrived at the scene to assist.

The latest earthquake occurred in the Adriatic Sea.

Albanians have not slept peacefully for two nights now, with thousands of them staying outside their homes.

The earthquake that struck on Tuesday killed at least 40 people and more than 650 were injured. Since then, over 500 subsequent earthquakes have been recorded.

Many residential blocks have been demolished and rescue teams desperately search for the survivors under rubble.


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