EU to get new government today?

Today at noon, European Parliament is expected to approve a new executive European Commission under German conservative Ursula von der Leyen

Source: Tanjug

If it is approved by the Parliament, the government of European Union will commence its five-year term on December 1.

MEPs will vote in plenary session to approve mandate of the entire European Commission, including President Ursula von der Leyen, EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell and 25 Commissioners-designate.

Prior to the voting procedure, President-designate Ursula von der Leyen will present to the European Parliament her team of commissioners, as well as Commission's agenda for the next five years.

The nominated members of the new European Commission have already undergone a procedure of the examination of their personal and professional skills necessary to take on leadership roles in various fields, as well as potential conflicts of interest check.

The Ursula von der Leyen team includes representatives from 27 member states. The executive comprises one commissioner from each EU member state, though Britain, which is due to exit the bloc, has declined to name a representative.

As Britain currently remains an EU member after several delays to its departure, it is legally required to have a commissioner in Brussels. Its refusal to name one could expose the new Commission’s decisions to legal risks.

However, EU legal authorities emphasize that this does not constitute an obstacle to the start of the term of office of the new European Commission.


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