Haradinaj: I did not want the news to be conveyed to Vucic

Kosovo Prime Minister candidate Haradinaj says that 100% tariffs on goods from central Serbia and Bosnia should not be abolished but strengthened, Koha reports

Source: Tanjug

"Tariff is an instrument for creating a balanced value for recognition, we need to empower it in order to get to the exchange of recognitions. It is a great anomaly that Serbia requests something. It had to be the opposite, we should request recognition of independence, along with the apology or compensation of damages", Haradinaj said.

He said that as Prime Minister he "showed who was the boss in the Kosovo's house" and that he "managed to stop the idea of territory swap", and initiate other processes such as the introduction of Kosovo Armed Forces and the Law on Trepca, Kosovo online reports.

Haradinaj also says that Serbia should not seek something in return for recognition, but should recognize Kosovo and even apologize or pay damages.

He also said he would not return to the coalition with the Democratic Party of Kosovo (DPK), while commenting on the accusations that he had broken up the coalition without any previous notice, he said that he could not reveal his intentions to the coalition partners, because he "did not want the news to be conveyed to Vucic".


Isa Mustafa to succeed Thaci?

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