Now it's definitive: America should be afraid?

North Korea has strengthened its policy of developing nuclear weapons through constitutional amendments.

Source: Tanjug

Supreme leader Kim Jong-un has promised to accelerate the production of nuclear weapons in order to prevent what he called American provocations, state media reported today, as reported by Reuters.

The Supreme People's Assembly unanimously adopted constitutional amendments stating that North Korea is "developing powerful nuclear weapons to secure its "right to exist" and "deter war", the KCNA news agency reported on Wednesday, following the conclusion of a two-day parliament session.

"The policy of building North Korea's nuclear forces has become permanent as the basic law of the country, which no one is allowed to disobey," the North Korean leader said while addressing the parliament.

Kim stressed "the need to continue work on exponentially strengthening the production of nuclear weapons and the development of means of nuclear attack and their deployment in various services."

He announced that U.S. military exercises and the deployment of strategic assets in the region are extreme provocations. Kim urged officials to further develop solidarity with countries fighting against the US, denouncing the trilateral cooperation between the US, South Korea and Japan as "the Asian version of NATO".

In South Korea, the Unification Ministry said the constitutional changes show Pyongyang's "strong determination" not to give up its nuclear program. "We emphasize once again that North Korea will face the end of its regime if it uses nuclear weapons," Seoul's statement warned.

The constitutional amendment comes a year after North Korea legalized the right to use pre-emptive nuclear strikes to protect itself, a move Kim said would make its nuclear status "irreversible," according to Reuters.


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