"This is getting even bloodier and more brutal. World War III is really possible"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that war in Ukraine is "worrying and dangerous"; It is no exaggeration claiming there's a real danger of a world war.

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug/AP Photo/Denes Erdos
Tanjug/AP Photo/Denes Erdos

Orbán added that "more and more decisions are being made about the use of newer and stronger weapons", and that "the West is sending Ukraine more and more modern equipment", reports MTI.

"While, on the one hand, it may sound like an exaggeration when some European and American leaders say that, if everything continues like this, there may be a Third World War, it is a real danger," Orbán pointed out.

The Hungarian Prime Minister added that the war is becoming increasingly bloody and brutal, but that the number of European countries and leaders supporting peace has not increased. "At the same time, the people of Europe started talking more about a ceasefire, peace talks, but the number of victims is growing," he added.

Orbán noted that Budapest's proposal to resolve the crisis in Ukraine refers to a ceasefire. "The Hungarian parliament will adopt a resolution that reflects our position, we demand peace and a ceasefire," Orbán said.

He added that the Hungarian proposal is not about what type of peace agreement should be signed, but that it is only about a ceasefire.

"The cessation of hostilities must be achieved. Human lives must no longer be lost. Once there is a ceasefire, chances for peace negotiations are created," Orbán concluded.


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