Explosion in the mosque during prayer: Many casualties feared VIDEO / PHOTO

The explosion occurred today in Shia Mosque in Kandahar, in Afghanistan during the prayer on Fridays, which are usually the most visited.

Source: B92
Tanjug/AP Photo/Abdullah Sahil
Tanjug/AP Photo/Abdullah Sahil

This was confirmed by the Taliban government spokesman Bilal Karimi. He did not present the details, but stated that there's an ongoing investigation.

According to the first reports, it was a suicide striker in the mosque known as Imam Bargah.

The footage attached to this text may contain disturbing content.

The media report that the number of victims is large. According to Turkish Anadolu agencies, 30 people were killed, while at the same time, Sputnik possesses information that this number was smaller, i.e. 25 victims. AFP reports at least 15 injured.

Last week explosion at a Shia mosque in Kunduz had killed at least 50 and injured many others. This was the deadliest attack on civilians from the withdrawal of Western powers from Afghanistan.


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