A storm has arrived in Serbia: The sky in Belgrade darkened - strong gusts of wind

During the afternoon in some parts of Serbia, thunderstorm instabilities began to form.

Source: B92
Shutterstock/Sundry Photography
Shutterstock/Sundry Photography

Around 15:00, a strong thunderstorm system passed over Valjevo and brought heavy showers with thunder, locally and stormy. At the moment, heavy clouds have formed over Belgrade and a strong wind is blowing.

Light rain started falling in some parts of the capital.

Later in the afternoon, thunderstorm systems from Bosnia and Herzegovina will affect the western regions of Mačva and Srem and bring local and severe thunderstorms to these regions as well, explained meteorologist Djordje Djurić.

This afternoon it is very warm, but also steamy, and the temperatures exceed 30°C.

The following days will be even hotter, and a more noticeable refreshment will arrive from Sunday.


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