Kon before the session of the Crisis Staff - why did he take off his mask?

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon said today that the epidemiological situation is now more stable, but the virus is still present.

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Foto: Printskrin TV Prva
Foto: Printskrin TV Prva

According to him, the virus "moved" towards a younger age, but it decreased in the total population at all ages.

He said that the current epidemiological situation is completely different than last year at the same time, especially thanks to immunization, so it cannot be expected to be as bad as then.

"Collective immunity has been growing - there is no doubt about that," said Kon, who is also a member of the Crisis Staff for combating the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

He announced that the epidemiological measures will still be in force, but that Serbia is now in a partial easing of measures.

"All indicators say that there must be some measures and that there will be more," Kon said. He said that the criteria for complete easing of measures are "quite strict" and that it's not time for that in Serbia yet.

"We are certainly in a situation where we need to relax now. From week to week, the activity of the virus is constantly decreasing," Kon said, emphasizing that the activity of the virus is declining in places where vaccination is more widespread.

He wore a mask during the show, only to take it off after being asked if it was safe to take off the mask, since he is in the company of people who have also been vaccinated. "There are theoretical possibilities of getting infected that directly depend on the presence of the virus. However, vaccinated people will certainly behave more freely soon," he said.

A session of the Crisis Staff for combating coronavirus is being held today, at which it will be decided to relax the measures.


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