Vučić: It's confirmed, Xi Jinping is coming to Serbia VIDEO/PHOTO

President of Serbia organized a ceremony for Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Li Ming and his associates in Vila Mir, on the occasion of celebrating Lunar New Year.

Source: B92

During the ceremony, Aleksandar Vučić and the ambassador of China addressed the public.

President of Serbia thanked his Chinese friends for their cooperation and understanding, congratulating them on the Lunar New Year. The Chinese ambassador, on the other hand, thanked the President of Serbia for taking the time to celebrate the Chinese New Year despite all his obligations.

I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for this gesture, said the Chinese ambassador.

President of Serbia first addressed the gathering, saying that it is never too late for good wishes and that today he sends his sincere congratulations for the progress of China.

"We are convinced that in the Year of the Wooden Dragon, your country will continue on the path of progress... For the further strengthening of cooperation between our two countries, the signed agreement on free trade, if of utmost importance", said Vučić and thanked China for supporting the territorial integrity of our country.

Vučić said that he wants to publicly say in front of everyone that he has received confirmation that Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit our country.

He is our sincere friend whom we want to welcome in the best atmosphere. We will do our best to make our Chinese friends satisfied. Thank you for everything. We are a small country, but you will always have that voice for respecting the rules and international public law from us.

Once again, welcome and happy New Year, said Vučić.


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