Media: Miloš Jovanović presented NATO aggression as a military intervention

In 2010, the leader of Nova DSS, Miloš Jovanović, called the NATO bombing of Serbia "Military intervention" in his doctoral dissertation, the media reports.

Source: Novosti, Alo
Foto: Screenshot/TV B92
Foto: Screenshot/TV B92

Novosti reports that the NATO bombing of Serbia, which began 24 years ago, was called by various names over the years, "but since Serbia began to commemorate that day, remember the victims and clearly point out the culprit, the president of Serbia always says - it was an aggression against our country."

However, in 2010, the leader of Nova DSS (Democratic Party of Serbia), Miloš Jovanović, although, as reported by Novosti, he had the opportunity to point out in international circles and through his doctoral dissertation that the bombing of our country was aggression, he called it a military intervention.

Namely, he defended his doctoral dissertation in December 2010 in Paris, on the topic: Légitimité et légitimation du recours à la force dans l'après-guerre froide. Étude de cas: l'intervention militaire de l'OTAN contre la République fédérale de Yougoslavie (1999) or translated as "Legitimacy and justification of the use of force in the post-Cold War period. Case study: NATO's military intervention against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999".

His mentor was Professor Charles Zorgbibe, Novosti concludes.

The newspaper Alo reminded that Jovanović also owns a French passport and that "he was not allowed to stand up for the defense of his people and his home country, in his alternative state, which wholeheartedly participated and dropped bombs on Serbia, so the term 'aggression' was left out, I guess so that his French fellow citizens would not be angry".


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