Vučić at the opening of the new production plant of the Grundfos factory PHOTO/VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attends the ceremonial opening of the new production plant of the Grundfos factory: "Wages rise by 15 percent"

Source: Tanjug,

Vučić said that the first plant in Indjija covers about 26.000 square meters and the new one covers 17.000 square meters.

Only two or three factories have production facilities on such a large area, added Vučić.

The president visited the production halls with the management and talked to the workers, asked them if the work was difficult, what the production process was like, where they were from, and the like.

Vučić expressed his satisfaction with what he saw and noted that the production is quite automated. The representatives of the company told him that the factory area has sports fields and a gym for workers' recreation.

The president said that Serbia could attract more investors from Denmark. Vučić told a worker that the factory owners told him that in November they would raise wages by 15 percent.

"Well, I carry good news for you," Vucic said jokingly.

Then, he addressed the public and the media.

"We had an exchange with Denmark of 170-270 million euros, and now we expect in October between 320 and 340 million euros for 2022, so this is a record year," Vučić said.

He also said that it is important to have exporters like Grundfos.

"I believe that the new capacities will contribute to the further progress of our exports, the economy and the prosperity of Serbia," he said.

He said it is important to show that we can think about the future and that we can keep up with the world.

"We are talking with a private Danish company about how to solve the health problems of Serbian citizens, and I believe that we will be successful there as well," he added.

He also said that he hopes we will have more investments from Denmark.

Foto: B92
Foto: B92

The new Grundfos factory covers 17.000 square meters, and the investment is worth 20 million euros.

The President of the Provincial Government of Vojvodina Igor Mirović, the Minister of Economy Andjelka Atanasković and the Ambassador of Denmark to Serbia Susanne Shine are also present at the opening ceremony.

In the new factory, Grundfos will produce circulation pumps, household waste water pumps, pressure boosters and integrated hydraulic circuits for boilers, and the entire production will be intended for export.

Foto: B92
Foto: B92

The foundation stone for the new plant was laid at the beginning of July 2021.

Grundfos had about 900 workers in the first factory in India, and the new facility will be the third largest factory of the company in the world. The new one will have a so-called golden ecological certificate, that is, it is designed to be completely energy independent and to recycle the entire amount of waste water.

Grundfos' main products are pumps for heating, air conditioning, water supply, waste water pumps and dosing pumps. In 2013, this Danish company, which operates all over the world, opened its first facility in Indjija, which covers 26.000 square meters and in the construction of which it invested 50 million euros.

Grundfos in Indjija produces more than four million pumps, which makes up more than 20 percent of the total production at the level of the entire Grundfos group.

The group has more than 100 companies with 19.500 employees in over 60 countries around the world.

Foto: B92
Foto: B92


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