Eleven points

The envoy of the European Union, Miroslav Lajčak, said that the proposal for the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Priština contains 11 points.

Source: Tanjug
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  1. "I would like it to be easy, it is really important that we are on the right path," he said and added that international negotiators are holding separate talks with Belgrade and Pristina.

    Yea right so easy for SATAN usa and nazi roman catholic empire to bomb with U-235 poison civilian Srbija for 78 days and isolate with sanctions a small country that was already economically disadvantaged. So easy for albanian siptar terrorist and nazi croatian ustasa to be hero's when SATAN's BIG guns do all the killing for them and they only reap the rewards ? So yes albanian siptar terrorist are the BIG winners and Serbian people the BIG loosers again ? where will all the Serbian people from Kosovo go when they become ethnically cleansed , does any body think by giving away Kosovo will in any way solve the problems of Srbija in the future ? After Kosovo is given away like Srpska Krajina do you think the Albo siptars will love the Serbian people ? After Kosovo is given away what will be the next region territory that will be taken away from the little that is left of Srbija ????
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 26 January 2023 14:19)

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