Russian message to the Germans: Do we need to remind you what happened last time?

Moscow claims to have an audio recording on which high-ranking officers of the German Bundeswehr discussed the strikes on the Crimean bridge.

Source: Novosti
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

Margarita Simonyan, the chief and responsible editor of the media group Russia North and the TV channel Russia Today, said that she has that video and that "something extremely interesting was conveyed to her by her comrades in uniform."

As she said, it was conveyed to her on the very day that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that NATO does not and will not participate in the Ukrainian conflict.

"Such fascinating reading and audio that I really want to publish. Let's make subscribers happy. In this most interesting video, high-ranking Bundeswehr officers discuss how they will bomb (attention!) the Crimean bridge. And how to do it more skillfully, so that at the same time Scholz can keep saying that his nerves are on the edge," wrote Simonyan on the Telegram channel.

According to her, in the 40-minute audio recording, Bundeswehr officers mention both the American and British armies, "casually saying that they have been directly involved in the conflict for a long time."

Simonyan added that she submitted an official press request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the German Ambassador, as well as to Scholz himself.

"How do we actually understand this? Isn't it time for Russia to actively remind Germany how the explosions of Russian bridges ended for Germany last time? I would like to see the answer, as is usual in all the demands of your media, by lunch. Otherwise, 'you never know what tomorrow brings,'" concluded Simonyan.


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