Europe - increasingly dangerous? List of countries has been released, where's Serbia?

The research company "Numbeo" published data related to the increase in violence in Europe and the world and revealed which countries are the safest.

Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

Apart from the realistically measurable crime rate, subjective perceptions are also taken into account. This is about worrying about break-ins, thefts or attacks, and corruption and bribery also affected the ranking.

According to published results, France is the most dangerous country in Europe. Belarus, Belgium, Sweden and Italy follow, and the "top 10" is completed by Great Britain, Ukraine, Greece, Ireland and Moldova. At the completely different end of the spectrum, Slovenia, Estonia, Monaco and Switzerland are considered particularly safe countries.

Serbia is ranked 17th, behind Russia and ahead of Germany. Albania (11th place), Bosnia and Herzegovina (12), North Macedonia (13), the so-called Kosovo (14), and Malta (15) are considered more dangerous than Serbia.

Bulgaria is 19th, Montenegro 21st, Hungary 24th, Romania 26th, Croatia 36th... Regarding the list of the most dangerous countries in the world, Venezuela is holding the first position.

Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Haiti and South Africa are also very unsafe, and the safest country on the planet is Qatar.


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