Moscow: It is an attack on the Serbs

Authorities on the so-called Kosovo grossly violated the rights of local Serbs, by not allowing them to vote in the elections in Serbia, says Marija Zakharova.

Source: Sputnik

According to the spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the temporary institution at the so-called Kosovo continue to destabilize the situation in the southern Serbian province - limiting the rights of the Serbian population.

She said at the weekly briefing that this time Serbs are prohibited from voting in the extraordinary parliamentary elections.

As she pointed out, the Albanian "authorities" on the so-called Kosovo grossly violated the voting rights of local Serbs by not allowing them to vote in their seats in the parliamentary elections in Serbia.

"The proposal to conclude some interstate agreement on this looks like a mockery. Prime Minister of the so-called Kosovo, Albin Kurti, continues cynical blackmail with the aim of getting Belgrade to recognize the independence of the province. This is another blow to the current practice of voting by Serbs under the auspices of the UN in Kosovo. While the US and the EU are presented at every step as protectors of democratic standards, in this case they turn a blind eye to violations of the basic rights of Kosovo Serbs. They simply do not want to interfere in that, thereby encouraging their favorites, the Kosovars, to even more aggressive Serbophobia," she pointed out.

Extraordinary parliamentary elections in Serbia will be held on December 17. Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija will be able to vote in a number of municipalities in the south of the country.


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A month before the end of 2023, it is already known that this year will reach a global warming of 1.4 degrees compared to the pre-industrial period.

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