A woman in Italy survived Spanish flu, world wars and COVID-19 as many as three times

Doctors in Italy are stunned by the resilience of Maria Orsinger, a 101-year-old, who survived the Spanish flu pandemic, World War II and COVID-19 three times.

Source: RTS
EPA-EFE/ Max Cavallari
EPA-EFE/ Max Cavallari

Orsinger was positive for COVID-19 for the first time back in February.

"In February, my mother was admitted to Sondalo Hospital, and the doctor at the hospital told us that she had never met someone so old that contracted the coronavirus that way. She was breathing on her own and did not have a fever," says her daughter Carla.

Unfortunately, she was hospitalized again in September with a fever, after which she was tested again and tested positive. She went through a full treatment period of 18 days.

Even then, the medical staff was stunned by the old woman's resilience and said that her stay in the hospital was mostly a precaution.

However, her fight with COVID-19 did not stop there. She was positive for the virus again last Friday. Third luck, as they joke. Despite everything, Maria Orsinger is an asymptomatic case.

Not even the Spanish flu pandemic could harm her

Despite being quite bedridden due to her age and having difficulty communicating with her three daughters because she is almost deaf, her family eagerly awaits her arrival home.

Born on July 21, 1919 in the small town of Gaggio Montano, Maria Orsinger survived the Spanish flu pandemic, got married during World War II, and is now well on her way to defeating COVID-19 for the third time.

"Doctors are completely stunned," her daughters say, explaining that their mother has been tested three times negative and three times positive so far.


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