Government formed Working Group for the Memorial Center dedicated to Ribnikar victims

Government of Serbia adopted Decision on the establishment of a Working Group for a memorial center in memory of victims of mass murder at "Vladislav Ribnikar".

Source: Tanjug

With this decision, the Government of Serbia specified that until the adoption of the urban, architectural and construction solution for the Memorial Center and the arrangement of the new ambient unit, the plots of land on which the "Vladislav Ribnikar" Experimental Elementary School is located in Kralja Milutina Street No. 10 are exempted from use for educational activities Belgrade.

The Government of Serbia explained to Tanjug that the reconstruction refers to the part of the school where the tragedy occurred on May 3, which has not been used for classes since September. In the press release after the government session, it is stated that the Decision on the formation of the Working Group for the Memorial Center was made at the request of the families of those killed. The families have also formed a multidisciplinary team that will conduct extensive consultations and prepare recommendations and proposals for concrete measures for the establishment of the Memorial Center, its program work, formulating the conditions of the international conceptual architectural competition and choosing the best solution for that center.

Working group is obliged to implement these recommendations and measures through its departments and to then propose them to the Government for adoption.

The task of the Working Group, as stated, is to direct and coordinate the activities for the establishment of the Memorial Center and, in relation to the needs of the families of the victims of crime and the wider community, and based on the conducted procedure of extensive consultations, received information and observed circumstances, make a recommendation on which the way should be developed, nurture and promote the culture of memory, the virtues of empathy, tolerance, mutual respect and dialogue.

For this purpose, it should also propose specific measures that should be taken regarding the establishment of the Memorial Center and the design of commemorations and program contents.


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