Đukić Dejanović: Article allowing parents to complain against teachers to be reviewed

Minister of Education, Slavica Djukić Dejanović, announced that article in the rulebook that allows parents to file complaints against teachers will be reviewed

Source: Beta

It is a part of the new rulebook, which states that the majority of parents of students in the same school department submit objections to the work of teachers, psychologists and pedagogues.

"The working group for the drafting of the Rulebook on evaluation in elementary school, in which, in addition to teachers from the Ministry of Education, there are also representatives of the Association of Directors, the Association of Music and Ballet Schools, as well as representative trade unions in education, will once again review the solution provided for in Article 5," said Djukić Dejanović for today's newspaper Politika.

"We are also listening to the echo of schools about the implementation of this article," she said.

"All this will help us to see the justification and intention of this measure, and the most important thing is that the decision that is made is in the best interest of the students and employees," said Djukić Dejanović.

The paper reminds that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, previously stated a clear position that it is not the job of parents to run schools, that one must trust teachers and professors, and asked the authorities to think again, perhaps instruct parents too, explaining them why they are not right.


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