Andjela Jovanović arrived at trial with Lečić: Numerous colleagues support her PHOTO

Actor Branislav Lečić sued his younger colleague Andjela Jovanović, because she refused to play with him in the series "Radio Mileva".

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Foto: A.A. /ATAImages
Foto: A.A. /ATAImages

The first hearing is scheduled for today, and Andjela Jovanović was greeted in front of the First Basic Court in Belgrade with the applause of numerous colleagues who came to support her.

Among those present are numerous actors who support her: Mirjana Karanović, Milena Radulović, Tamara Krcunović, Borka Tomović, Iva Ilinčić, Anđelka Stević Žugić, Maša Dakić, Nina Janković, Djordje Stojković.

Andjela Jovanović came to the trial accompanied by a lawyer, and before entering the Court building, her colleagues hugged her as a sign of support, and there were tears.

Foto: A.A./ATAImages
Foto: A.A./ATAImages

Namely, Lečić demands that Andjela Jovanović pay him the sum of 300,000 dinars for "injury of honor and reputation".

"Yes, it is true that Branislav Lečić sued me to court, because I refused to play with him in the series "Radio Mileva". I refused to play because of an unpleasant past event I had with him. Neither now nor anytime in the future do I want to be in the same frame with that man, both because of what I went through, and on principle, because of what my colleagues accused him of," she said briefly to "Blic" earlier.

Foto: AtaImages/ A.A.
Foto: AtaImages/ A.A.

In Lečić's lawsuit, it is stated that "when the defendant Andjela Jovanović found out that Lečić should be engaged in the recording of the series "Radio Mileva", she publicly protested and stated that she did not want to play with a rapist and a sexual molester, and that if Lečić was engaged in filming the series, she would leave the project out of revolt".

Let's recall that Milena Radulović was one of the first to provide public support to Andjela.

"Support, Andjela! Because, not only related to the case that resonated, there is no young actress who worked with Lečić and did not have a situation that today would be clearly and legally called sexual harassment. And that is well known to the entire industry," actress posted on her Instagram.


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