Details of the drama at Belgrade airport: Evacuation slides blocked the runway VIDEO

An anonymous tip about a bomb was received at the "Nikola Tesla" airport in Belgrade tonight.

Source: Blic

Apparently, the plane to Barcelona "Wizzair" released the so-called slides in order to evacuate the passengers.

"It has blocked the runway and created a big problem. It is expected that there will be major delays, diversions and cancellations. There is a danger that everything will be closed by midnight," the source said.

Let us remind you that the report about the bomb was received between 19:15 and 19:30.

The police are on the ground and the evacuation of passengers is underway.

Due to the report of a bomb on the aircraft of the company "Air Montenegro" and some other companies, the company "Air Montenegro" also announced itself.

"The report about the bomb occurred at the moment when the aircraft was on the ground. The aircraft is being checked by the security services of the Republic of Serbia, and the passengers and crew will be safe until all the necessary checks are carried out."

They add that the safety of passengers was never threatened.


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