Warning: It's disturbing; A video of a Serbian citizen abducted by Hamas was released

A video was released on YouTube showing a Serbian citizen who was kidnapped by members of Hamas in Israel.

Source: B92, Kosovo online
Ilustracija, foto: Tanjug/AP/Israel Defense Forces
Ilustracija, foto: Tanjug/AP/Israel Defense Forces

It is Alon Ohel, a 22-year-old young man of Serbian origin.

The news about the abduction was confirmed by his mother Idit Ohel, whose family is originally from Novi Sad.

She previously told Kosovo Online that her son participated in a music festival that was invaded by Hamas militants and killed dozens of people.

Idit Ohel said, among other things, that her son is a musician and that he went to the peace music festival, where there were about 2,500 people.

"Around six in the morning, there was a massive rocket attack on the area where the festival was held. He and his friends drove to a shelter, where they hid from the rockets," she said.

She said he was in the shelter with 27 people of a similar age, who tried to escape from the rocket attack. At one point, Hamas terrorists came to the shelter and tried to kill them all. They threw seven grenades into the shelter.

"My son and one of his friends tried to catch the grenades with their bare hands and throw them out of the shelter to save people. One exploded in the shelter and injured many people. After the detonation, the terrorists came in and took my son out. He was alive and kidnapped was with three other people. They put them on a truck and drove away. His best friend saw it all. He was injured and pretended to be dead with his girlfriend, as the terrorists shot at the others in the shelter. After he was brought to the hospital, he told us that Alon was kidnapped and taken to the Gaza Strip," she explained.

This information was confirmed by the Israeli army.

You can read her entire statement in our special news HERE, while the video clip, whose content is very disturbing can be viewed on YouTube.


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