Drama on the Belgrade-Bar railway; "We saw a flash and then everything stopped"

During the night, due to the rupture of the contact network on the section from Prijepolje to Kolovrat, the train heading to Bar remained stuck on the tracks.

Source: RINA
Foto: RINA
Foto: RINA

As reported by the RINA agency, the wired cables fell across the main road.

"Suddenly there was a big flash in the air, more precisely, there was a short circuit. The wires pierced the conductor, fell on the road and made it impossible for us to continue our journey to Montenegro," says Milan Rodić, who was on that section at the time of the accident.

"We had to use an alternative route through Rajišnjevo," he added.

During the night, the Serbian Railways crews were sent to the scene in order to repair the malfunctions and normalize the traffic.

During the morning hours, the cables were removed from the highway and traffic was normalized.


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