The bridge and the highway to Bijeljina will be paid by Serbia

The President of Serbia said that some 100 million euros will be needed for the airport in Trebinje.

Source: B92

He added that Serbia is going to invest between 73 and 75 million euros.

During his visit to Banja Luka, President Vucic will be handed the keys to the City of Banja Luka at the Ceremonial Academy on the special occasion of celebrating the Banja Luka Day.

He stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina represent the third export destination for Serbia, the trade partner number seven.

"I believe that the trade volume in 2021 can be significantly higher than in 2020, with a recorded drop of 11 percent due to coronavirus, at the level of two billion euros trade exchange," he said.

President Vucic said that he believes in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska developing their economies together, to show the people that the jobs will be secured, that their children will be able to stay here and build their future.

The airport in Trebinje will require between 98 and 100 million euros. "Serbia will invest between 73 and 75 million euros," he said.

He said that he agreed with the representatives of the Republic of Srpska that Serbia should provide significant support through the construction of the highway to Bijeljina.

"We will pay for the complete bridge over the Sava. Republic of Srpska and Bosnia will not have any costs in that respect."

Vucic added that Serbia is ready to help and pay for the highway section to Bijeljina. "It is a section of 17 kilometer from the bridge to Bijeljina," said Vucic.

The value of the works is estimated at 136 million euros, and as Vucic said, Serbia will bear the cost of 100 million euros.

During the meeting with the representatives of the Republic of Srpska, investments in four municipalities were discussed - one is located on the territory of the Federation, and three are located on the territory of the Republic of Srpska.

"I will pay special attention to these municipalities. We were talking about Kostajnica, Nevesinje and Dubica," said Vucic.

Vucic told the citizens of those municipalities that projects will look into local infrastructure, roads, water supply, sewerage, schools ...

Milorad Dodik, Chairman of the Bosnian Presidency said that the Republic of Srpska has never had a more significant visit than this one. Dodik stated that this is the best period in the relations between the Republic of Srpska and Serbia.

"Thanks to president Vucic, Republic of Srpska can be proud of many projects done in almost all municipalities, but also with future projects, which are also very important," said Dodik.

He stated that there was a discussion about the construction of a hydroelectric power plant and that some preparatory works could begin. "We all agree on the construction of the highway, and doing everything we can to find good quality partners," says Dodik.

Dodik added Serbia has always participated with huge investments in the Republic of Srpska.

The President of the Republic of Srpska, Ms. Zeljka Cvijanovic reminded that Srpska is implementing important and strategic projects with Serbia, aiming to provide a better business environment and better energy security.

These projects should serve everyone, not only Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, but the entire region, she said.


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