Mothers with children wait in lines; Still no payment of social benefits on Kosovo

Due to Pristina Central Bank's decision to ban dinar in KiM, beneficiaries of social benefits have not been able to withdraw the money paid to their accounts.

Source: B92
Ilustracija: Profimedia
Ilustracija: Profimedia

Citizens indicate that they have problems due to the decision of Prishtina to abolish payment transactions in dinars, because in the last few days they have received payments of social assistance, child allowance, as well as salaries from central Serbia, but that they cannot get that money and they are worried about where way will provide the basic necessities of life.

In the branches of the Post Office and Poštanska Štedionica in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, citizens are paid at the counters a maximum of 10,000 dinars or the same amount in euros, while in the Serbian areas south of the Ibar, there are no dinars for days, which forces citizens to go to Kuršumlija, Vranje or Bujanovac in order to get the money.

The so-called CBK issued a decree banning the use of the dinar in Kosovo and Metohija from February 1, then announced that, in cooperation with banks and other financial institutions, it had taken additional measures to, as they state, facilitate the implementation of the decree banning the use of the Serbian dinar.

The deadline they set, as they stated, will not be longer than three months, and the authorities in Pristina have previously, on two occasions, without any explanation, prohibited the transport of dinars to the vault located in Leposavic.


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