Vučić on Declaration: "We managed to find the best approach for Serbia"

Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić, addressing the citizens of Serbia, reflected on the talks in Athens, as well as the meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky.

Source: B92

President Vučić emphasized that the most important topic for him was the discussion about Kosovo and Metohija situation.

Speaking about the declaration informally adopted in Athens, Vučić stated that no informal dinner can change anything, but it can indicate what thoughts and relationships are like. He emphasized that the discussions lasted for days before the meeting.

"We received the first version, and we had objections to it. One article was removed, which concerned sanctions against Russia," said Vučić, adding that "under very difficult conditions, we managed to secure an approach that is best for Serbia."

About the conversation with Zelensky and the statements by Viola von Cramon:

Vučić responded to a question about Viola von Cramon, who said, "Vučić pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Athens and blackmailed him not to recognize Kosovo, in exchange for selling him weapons."

"All of you are satisfied with the way Serbia behaved, and then comes Viola von Cramon, after whose words everything becomes clear... She should explain to us that we don't need lithium, she fights for an independent Kosovo, and she said that Serbia is a global leader exerting pressure on Ukraine, if it weren't sad, it would be funny, but that speaks to the extent of her hatred towards Serbia. I talked to Zelensky about everything, about the war in Ukraine, about Kosovo and Metohija, territorial integrity... Zelensky looks out for Ukraine's position, he knows his job. We had a decent conversation, unfortunately, I didn't mention von Cramon, but I will next time."

About the arrest of Vladimir Putin:

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić also addressed allegations that he supported the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We agreed that war crimes and other atrocities must not go unpunished. Whom are you kidding, liars? Where does it say 'Putin, Russia'?... Is there anyone sane who wouldn't accept this? But we lie and keep lying and don't care. Is there anyone sane in the world who wouldn't sign this? You have something in the drafts that wasn't adopted. People who have been targeting me for days to impose sanctions on Russia, for me not to meet with Putin but with Zelensky, they tell me this. Is there any ideology here?" said Vučić.

About pressure and sanctions against Russia and the request for a UN Security Council session:

"We will request a UN Security Council session because of the events in Kosovo, I won't explain, we'll choose the best moment, like when someone presides, we'll ask for it soon," he said, and added, "Every day they ask me to impose sanctions on Russia, there's not a day someone hasn't told me this: It's time for Serbia to change its stance."

About sanctions against Russia:

"Every day they ask me to impose sanctions on Russia, it's been going on for a year and a half. If you think it will be easy, no... The situation on the Ukrainian front, unless there are major events in Moscow and Kyiv, the situation won't change soon. Every day you have somebody speaking on some TV channel saying 'Vučić, impose sanctions on Russia because Serbia is suffering'."


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