President Vučić on Greater Albania and Possible Sanctions

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The President of Serbia stated in the Morning News program on RTS that he expects significant pressure on Serbia due to the non-imposition of sanctions on Russia. He also discussed the topic of the "Greater Albania.".

President Vučić initially stated that the meeting with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in Budapest, would be a step towards improving Serbia's relationship with Turkey.

"We have corrected, as he says, decent relations, but it's true that sending 4x4 mortar vehicles (to Pristina) is something that has damaged our relations. I talked about this openly and honestly with Erdoğan over the phone. I believe this will be a further step in improving our relations, and I believe that we will soon be able to host Erdoğan in Serbia," said Vučić.

He added that Serbia values its relations with Hungary. He emphasized that many world leaders will also be in Budapest, and there will be many interesting meetings.

"I expect that right after Budapest, we will fly to a place where there will be representatives from the Western Balkans and the EU. These won't be easy meetings and conversations for Serbia," he said.

Speaking about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, Vučić mentioned that there has been much violence against Serbs that hasn't been prosecuted, and no one has been willing to solve those problems.

"The policy of creating Greater Albania is a process that will continue. Kurti won't stop at that, even if you oppose him. Anyone who thinks he will be convinced in Brussels not to follow in Enver Hoxha's footsteps... he will continue with that policy," said Vučić.

As for why the West remains silent, he pointed out that they aren't interested in the story of Greater Albania; for them, it's acceptable. He added that they want to force Serbia to change its policy and impose sanctions on Russia and that there will be many pressures on our country, the greatest so far.

"I expect numerous problems in that field because you can see that you can't defeat Russia, and I don't believe Russia can defeat anyone... that's clear. Now the front against Russia must be fortified," he said.

Nevertheless, according to him, Serbia will continue to pursue a responsible policy. He also addressed the pressures on Serbs in Montenegro. Asked about the end of this path - sanctions or the isolation of Serbia - he stressed that he has been hearing these stories for 10 years.

"Is the situation easy? No. We must work on it every day. Serbia will never be isolated," said the President of Serbia, explaining that for Serbia to be isolated, it must continue to strengthen its economy, as it has been doing so far.

"It's good that we know we don't have the favor of the world due to strategic matters from the past... The most challenging period lies ahead of us... We expect that much will be resolved in the next month," emphasized the President of Serbia.

Vučić also talked about economic topics.

On the Kosovo situation: "I am not afraid."

The president said he's also following the United Nations session in September and expects much to be resolved in the next month. Regarding Peter Stano's statement that Pristina must honor the agreements, Vučić says these are tricks he's accustomed to.

"I understand when they tell me I have to do something because they are a great power. But when they treat us as people who don't know what we're talking about, I can't tolerate that. In Chisinau, when I was there, Scholz and Macron called me after Kurti's savage escalation. When six Serbs were wounded and not a single Albanian. I was angry in that meeting with Scholz and Macron. How is it possible for you to ask this of us? Serbs didn't want to participate in the elections, and they demanded fulfilling the condition from the Brussels Agreement for the fifth time, while we've been waiting for the CSM for ten years. I said it was difficult, but I would talk to the Serbs," he said.

He mentions that Western politicians fear Kurti's bots and lobbyists.

"I'm not afraid of them; they've devoted their entire lives to hating Serbia. I'm telling you this because when you expect to hear something principled, there are no principles or rules. They'll invite Kurti to that summit, even though the country organizing it hasn't recognized Kosovo. I'm sure he'll take the opportunity to warn everyone that I'm Putin's pawn, that I've started ten wars, and that I'm preparing to attack someone," Vučić said.

Vučić reiterated that in the coming days and weeks, he expects the most intense pressures so far, and that they will do everything to uphold their principles.

"And if you can't preserve them, then it's fair to say that to the people. In any case, we will do everything to preserve our position, and we'll see if we succeed in that," he adds.

About the start of the school year, the president says that after the Ribnica massacre, the state is doing everything it can.

"And as for the weight of backpacks, that's really nonsense. Let the children learn to carry books since they're carrying them less and less. They increasingly have tablets and computers in schools. We're constantly complaining and demanding from the state, just like with tomato producers. We'll have bigger problems than children's backpacks," he says.

Vučić says he's concerned about politics and that trenches are being dug in Serbia like in the movie "Three Kings."

"I'm calling on people not to be on the side of the Russians or the Americans, but on the side of Serbia. Let's see how to preserve our vital national interests. Only fools look forward to conflict, and we must maintain peace. We're in a difficult situation due to irresponsible attacks against Dodik and Stevandić. Everything others remained silent about, they now think it's time to settle with the Republic of Srpska. What do you expect to happen in the end? That the RS self-destruct? And you're quiet when Bećirović invents lies about Greater Serbia in Srebrenica," Vučić questioned.


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