5 permanent UN Security Council members condemned Pristina: "Unprecedented consensus"

All five permanent members of the UN Security Council have voiced their unequivocal condemnation of Pristina's aggressive and destabilizing actions.

Source: Novosti
Ilustracija: Profimedia
Ilustracija: Profimedia

This attitude of all five permanent members of the UN Security Council - USA, France, China, Great Britain and Russia is an extraordinary turn of events, assesses the foreign policy advisor of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Nikola Stojanović.

This is a rather unprecedented consensus in the current global political landscape.

It serves as the most unmistakable indication that the policies pursued by Albin Kurti and his administration are not only detrimental to stability, but also inherently flawed, deeply discriminatory, and contrary to any idea of peaceful coexistence between the Albanian and Serb communities.


Kurti wants war at any cost

PM of temporary institutions of Pristina, Albin Kurti, confirmed with the actions of arresting Serbs that he has one goal, that is to provoke a war at any cost.

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