Brnabić: Extremely difficult topic for us; The question of mandate isn’t for me

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, said today that she expects from the international community to be clear.

Source: Tanjug

She stated that she expects that not only in convicting the happenings around Visoki Dečani, but also in preventing our cultural-historical-religious heritage from being jeopardized.

Brnabić pointed out that the heritage isn’t important just for us, but for the whole world.

„I expect that there will be no talks about that and that they will work on it in a civilizationally correct way“, she said.

She said that this is extremely difficult topic for us, because, after destroying, burning down and demolishing monasteries on Kosovo and Metohija in 2004, which aren’t just our cultural heritage, but the heritage under UNESCO’s protection, it is unfortunately continued 16 years later.

The PM reiterated today that the question of mandate is not for her, but for the President of the Republic who decides about it, but expressed her beliefs that the future government will be the best possible and stronger and more efficient than the current one.

Brnabić pointed out that Serbia is facing extremely challenging days in terms of economy, since there is visible decline of economy in Europe and the world, but also in terms of politics, because Vučić will face difficult talks regarding Kosovo and Metohija, as well as European integration and amendments to the Constitution, waiting for a new assembly.

She added that everything that is within the constitutional deadlines is fine, since the current government is working hard every day and Serbia is not losing anything.


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