Djokovic goes to Dubai, U.S. tour under question VIDEO

World No. 1, Novak Djokovic, addressed the media at "TC Novak".

Source: B92, D.Dj.
Foto: Srdjan Stevanovic/
Foto: Srdjan Stevanovic/

After training, Djokovic will stand at the net and answer all questions.

You can follow the course of the conference via our blog. 

About breaking the record of Steffi Graf and younger generations of tennis players

"First of all, I would like to welcome you. Thank you for the large attendance, I did not expect it. This is a kind of tradition, in an informal environment on the tennis court, let's talk a little about the current events. Thank you for the congratulations. I am really happy for breaking another record, in this case of Steffi Graf. I have said countless times that this sport is everything in my life, I have subordinated everything to it. I have a great team behind me and a family that has given me unreserved support. I mention this to you conjured up from where I started to these great heights that seem normal but far from it. At this stage of my career, I feel that I have to put in even more effort to keep up with the young players who are challenging, stealing trophies, being in the best positions. Thank you also to the leaders of the new generation, I am impressed when I receive praise from colleagues and rivals. I have always tried to be correct. I thank them for recognizing achievements, especially those who play tennis. They know what is needed in order to do that."

About the rivalry with Rafael Nadal

"I think he and I would sign to play in the finals of Roland Garros. He is definitely my biggest rival, we had the most head-to-head matches of anyone in the history of tennis. We are generationally close, so in a way we grew up through the tournaments. However, he started scoring earlier. Along with Federer, he influenced me the most. Those rivalries with him, the beginning of the matches, were always an enigma to me, how to start winning them. I did not manage to win a Grand Slam even though I was in the Top 3, they were the last hurdle. While we are active tennis players we don't allow ourselves to dwell on the size and importance of our rivalry. That will come after we retire, maybe we will have a chance to talk. We will see if more matches come in future. I am sure they will, maybe at clay. When he is healthy and fit, he is at the top. We veterans make sure that the younger ones do not win Grand Slam titles."


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