Two additional lawsuits filed against the Kecmanović: Five lawsuits in total

Two additional lawsuits were filed in the High Court in Belgrade against the parents of the boy who killed 10 and injured six people last year at "V. Ribnikar".

Source: Tanjug

Two new lawsuits were filed against the Kecmanović by the parents of the wounded children, and preparatory hearings for those lawsuits are scheduled for March and May, Tanjug learns.

Lawsuits were filed for compensation for non-material damages due to physical pain, suffered fear and psychological pain, while the teacher also filed a lawsuit for reduced life activities.

Recently, a history teacher who was also seriously injured filed a claim for damages, and a preliminary hearing has not yet been scheduled for her claim.

The first lawsuit was filed by 27 members of the family of those killed, and the second by members of the Dukić family, whose daughter was killed, and the trial of those lawsuits is ongoing. Criminal proceedings were filed against the Kecmanović, the instructor and owner of the shooting club where, as is suspected, the minor K.K. learned to shoot, while the killer boy cannot answer criminally because he was not 14 years old at the time of the crime.

In that procedure, the court decided to accept the proposal of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office and close the trial to the public. The trial continues on Thursday and Friday this week.


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