B92.net learns: Reports of bombs threats in Belgrade

As B92.net was told, they received reports from the Ministry of the Interior that bombs had been planted in several locations in Belgrade.

Source: B92
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, several locations are involved, and investigations are ongoing.

Some media reported that there were 50 bombs in several locations, including: the Embassy of Belarus, the Usće Shopping Center, the Student Dorm, two bombs in the KFC on Studentski Trg, nine at the Nikola Tesla Airport, and then at TC Delta City in Jurij Gagarin Street.

Also, there were reports that one bomb was allegedly placed on the second floor of the Faculty of Philosophy, four bombs were placed in the Rectorate building, two at the University of Arts in Kosančićev venac, three in the Zemun Hospital, one bomb in the betting shop in Gandijeva street, i.e. two in the betting shop at National Heroes 30.

More detailed information will follow soon.


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