Children taken away from the mother who beat the girl, the search is underway VIDEO

According to the media, the children of the woman who allegedly beat the three-year-old girl were taken away from her last night.

Source: Blic
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/ArtOlympic
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/ArtOlympic

The husband confirmed this and stated that people from the Center for Social Work took the child. They also have a one-year-old boy, who was also removed from the family last night. An interview is scheduled at the Center for Social Work.

In the meantime, the Prosecutor's Office also announced, which immediately took all necessary measures, that a search had been launched for the mother since she was not available to the competent authorities.

As reported by the media, this woman is often seen around town begging with her children.

Let us remind you that Serbia was shaken by a video in which a mother brutally beats a child and utters terrible threats. "This is for Zoran. Because of you, our Zoran is in prison. Milice, why are you hurting Zoran," says the woman as she hits the child on the head with her fist.

At one point, the woman throws the girl, who is choking on tears, on the floor and continues with threats.

"I'm not done yet, come here, I'm not done, I don't want to chase you. If I come to you, you're done," says the woman in the video.


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