Darko Saric is presenting his defense in the Special Court

Darko Saric is presenting his defense in the Special Court about the attempted murder of associate witness Nebojsa Joksovic.

Source: Novosti
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In addition to Saric and lawyer Dejan Lazarevic, Uros Misic was also questioned.

As "Novosti" previously learned, the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime (TOK) issued an order to launch a new investigation against Darko Saric.

According to the information obtained by Novosti, it is about the preparation of the murder of Nebojsa Joksovic, a witness who is an associate in court proceedings for smuggling several tons of cocaine from South America to Western Europe.

In the communication, through the "Sky" application, there was evidence that Saric allegedly gave instructions on how to organize the liquidation of Joksovic, as well as the purchase of weapons to commit this crime. This is the second crime the citizen of Pljevlja is charged with. An investigation is already underway against him for organizing and killing a close associate of Milan Milovac in Ecuador, but also for smuggling new quantities of cocaine and planting serious crimes against Joksović.

According to available information from the investigation, Saric was more than obsessed with Joksovic, which is understandable, because that former close associate and best friend, with whom he went to school in Pljevlja, as he claimed, "betrayed" him by establishing cooperation with Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime (TOK). According to the prosecution, Joksovic, along with two other cooperating witnesses, was crucial in proving Saric's guilt.