The highest pay raise for the nurses: Here's public sector salaries after increase

Nurses and medical technicians will look forward to November's raise in public sector salaries, with 15 percent more money on their accounts, as Blic reports

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Depositphotos/uroszunic
Foto: Depositphotos/uroszunic

Thus, nurses with high school diplomas will have a salary ranging from RSD 45,684 to 49,241, depending on whether they work in a health center, in a ward of a General Hospital or in an ambulance.

When it comes to the new, higher salaries of senior nurses, they will range from RSD 52,181 to 55,592, according to whether they were employed within patronage, general practice or intensive care units.

A nine percent increase in salaries will be provided to education staff, judges, prosecutors employed in courts and prosecutors' offices, social welfare institutions, as well as members of the security services.

"Blic" states that, for example, teachers will have salaries ranging from RSD 46,564 to 56,135, depending on their degree, standards and years of service.

The police officer will, according to the newspaper, earn RSD 51,275, and a lance corporal, a corporal and a junior sergeant in the army from RSD 44,729 to 50,821.

Government employees will have wage raise amounting to eight percent. Thus, for example, the chairman of the medical committee will earn RSD 69,456, and the law graduate will have RSD 59,468. Personnel with the lowest level of education who work in the public service as security, maintenance or as drivers will continue to work for a minimum wage, "Blic" said.

The newspaper reminds that the minimum wage will be RSD 27,000 by the end of the year, and just a little bit over RSD 30,000 from January 1.

Serbian Government adopted in mid-September a decision on allowing increase within public sector wages from November 1 to an average of eight to 15 percent.

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