Haradinaj: There is no indictment, tariffs will not be lifted

Kosovo's Prime Minister who resigned three days ago, says for RSE that the Hague hadn't prepared indictment for him and that he had to resign

Source: Radio Free Europe

Ramush Haradinaj resigned, as Radio Free Europe explains, as it was unacceptable for him to show in front of Special court for war crimes' prosecutors in the Hague, which summoned him as suspect, in his Prime Minister capacity.

He added that he will not change his political opinions and standpoints, as well as that 100% tariffs on Serbian goods will remain in effect until the recognition of Kosovo's independence.

According to him, it is also important that Kosovo, as soon as possible, hold elections, in about two months. "I do not believe that there are reasons for delay. It is important, not only because of the vacuum in the rule, but it is important that the people get the chance to decide as soon as possible," Haradinaj concluded.

He also said that the official letters to be addressed to the President of Kosovo and the President of the Assembly are currently in the final stage. "According to the protocol, these are official letters that can be sent today or tomorrow. We are considering the constitutional basis of the resignation, because it is a resignation not based on the mistrust of the government. We are considering how to explain it," Haradinaj said.

He said in an interview that he is giving the mandate back to the people, as he got it from them, and that this is exactly the reason why he is not willing to change his former standpoints. "I had kept a principal stance of the people, not the authorities, in this case, and I hope as we were together when it comes to Trepca and Armed Forces, that we would again show full unity against Kosovo partition and against Dodik Republic in Kosovo, including denying free trade without recognition of independence", said Kosovo's Prime Minister in resignation.

Asked if there were charges against him in the Special Prosecutor's Office in The Hague, which deals with crimes committed against Serbs and other non-Albanians, Haradinaj says there is no indictment against him.

"Kosovo is a young state and we are creating, let's say, our state doctrine. I did not want Kosovo to be attached to this matter at the moment, and then, it's also about my personal honor, the honor of an Albanian fighter. I have proven my innocence twice and that is why I made this decision, "Haradinaj said.

Once again, he reiterated that he is aware of the implications of the decision to introduce tariffs on goods from Serbia. "From the first day, I was fully aware what were dimensions of these implications, but I have no other solution other than that. It is an alternative way of recognizing Kosovo's independence, as partitions and establishment of 'Dodik Republic' in Kosovo is unacceptable", he concluded.


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