Denmark: Man held for shooting Israelis

COPENHAGEN -- A Danish man of Palestinian origin has been arrested on suspicion of shooting and wounding two Israeli salesmen at a shopping centre in Odense in Denmark.

Police said they were unsure what the motive was, but Danish media have speculated it may have been a protest against Israeli air raids in Gaza.

The 27-year-old suspect turned himself in. He reportedly denies trying to kill the men but admits carrying a gun.

The men were shot on Wednesday while selling hair products.

One was hit in the arm and the other in the leg.

They were both still in hospital on Thursday but their injuries were not life-threatening, Reuters news agency reported.

Police said the pair had been in Denmark for about a week.

The attack came on the fifth day of Israeli air strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, which Israel says were provoked by Palestinian rocket attacks.

Four Israelis have been killed by Palestinian rockets fired into Israel since the campaign began on Saturday, while medical sources say more than 400 Palestinians have now been killed in Gaza.