Romanian peacekeepers leave Kosovo

BUCHAREST -- A total of 115 soldiers of Romania's Gendarmes Detachment deployed in Kosovo returned to Romania Thursday.

"For one year you were responsible for fulfilling a difficult task, but succeeded for the fifth time to confirm the trust the Romanian authorities have invested in you," said Gen. Anghel Andreescu, reading a message from the Minister of the Interior and Administrative Reform Cristian David.

The message was read out at the ceremony at the seat of the General Inspectorate of the Gendarmerie.

"You once again brought honor to the Gendarmerie, proving that this institution is capable of both managing the needs of Romanian citizens, and also duly answering when Romania's foreign partners ask for support to ensure peace and security in the world's hot spots," he said.

"The way you did your duty in Kosovo did not remain without echoes, as the Gendarmerie received several requests to participate in other peace-keeping missions in other places all over the world," said Gen Costica Silion, head of Romanian Gendarmerie.

Silion added that the situation in Kosovo is still unsafe and tense.

The Romanian Gendarmerie has been part of the peacekeeping mission in Kosovo since February 22, 2002, at the request of the UN.

The Romanian Gendarmes Detachment, headquartered in Peć, in the southwest of Kosovo, were awarded the UN "In Service of Peace" medal in July 2006.